Playtech Gaming Software is used to run casinos online, they provide all of the games, graphics, sound effects, security, and everything else you see in the casinos. This company now has over 170 employees all over the entire world, most of which are busy every day researching and developing brand new games and technologies. This is the largest software company with the most employees, and the reason that almost all of them are dedicated to thinking up new ideas is because they are and have been the first ones to come up with most of the newest innovations in the online gaming industry.

Playtech software was the first software company to provide a completely unified platform so that all of their gaming activities can be used as stand alone activities, so all of their players can access their same user accounts and managed properly. One of the reasons that people around the world love this software and the casinos that are powered by it is because those casinos are available in many different languages and accept a lot of different currencies. All of these are very good reasons why the software company is in a very favorable position to take over the industry. Some of the reasons that this company is so popular is because they have come out with many of the best features in internet gambling today. They were the first ones to come out with real time gaming which is why today we have games that are played in seconds and you immediately get to see what you have won or lost.

They also were the first to come out with transaction histories. Transactions histories allow you to keep track of the money that you deposit, withdrawal and cashout of the games; this comes in very hand when you want to see exactly what you have put into the casino over time. VIP ratings and Comp Points were also a Playtech software first. Comp points are in place to help the player have more incentive to keep depositing money into your account because for all of the money that you play through the account the more comp points you earn. VIP ratings go along the same lines though it differs in each casino.

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This software company was also the first to introduce live human dealers to the online gaming world, as well as video streamed games. This makes your gambling experience so much more realistic and that is the whole point of online gambling. Yet another first for this company was the progressive games with animated bonus stages, this feature is what makes playing games so much fun. If you get the right combination of symbols you can go to a bonus stage that will have you on the edge of your seat with excitement. In this industry companies must always be trying to make new and exciting innovations to keep up with the competition, this is why this company is so popular, they never stop thinking and when they do come out with something new it’s so wonderful you don’t know how you lived without it before.