Online Casino Secrets and StrategiesWhether you want to win more, lose less or simply increase the amount of fun you have when playing, the online casino secrets and strategies presented in this article will help you achieve your goal…

1 – Become A Surfer

Although many people sign up with just one casino and play at that same casino day after day until they win big or get bored, a much better approach is to sign up with lots of online casinos and become a surfer, which means moving from one casino to another according to the deals that are on offer.

Becoming a surfer allows you to look at the casino promotions that are running at all of the sites you have signed up with and choose to play at the one that is currently offering the very best deal. For example, if one casino is offering a 10% cash back promotion and another is offering a 20% cash back promotion, you could choose to play at the second casino and automatically double the potential advantage.

2 – Use Strategy Sheets

If you tend to play games that involve an element of skill, such as online blackjack or video poker, you can print out strategy sheets and refer to these as you play. You would never be able to do this in an offline casino, but when you’re playing online there is no law against consulting a strategy sheet in order to make the best decision in each and every hand. If you use this secret and make the right strategic decisions on a consistent basis, you will effectively reduce the house edge to an absolute minimum, making a profitable session more likely.

3 – Maximise Bonuses

Almost all sites offer casino bonuses to players who make their first deposit and also to those who reload their accounts. It makes sense to maximise these bonuses so that you don’t miss out on the potential advantage being offered. For example, if you know that you intend to deposit £100 for the month with a new casino, depositing just £25 at first with the intention of depositing the other £75 later would mean you only get a bonus paid on the first £25. Of course, you should never deposit more than you can afford to lose just to take advantage of a bonus, but if you intend to deposit more money later anyway, maximising the bonus can be a very good idea.

4 – Sign Up For Everything

No matter how many online casinos you join, be sure to sign up for everything that is offered at each one. Sign up for every loyalty scheme, VIP club, newsletter and enter every prize draw or similar competition that is available. We say this because winning 1,000 chips in a prize draw is every bit as good as winning the same amount directly from a casino game. Similarly, getting a special promotion only because you wisely signed up for a newsletter or loyalty scheme could prove very profitable. If you follow our earlier advice to become a surfer and you also sign up for everything on offer, you will never have to wait long before you start reaping the benefits.

Using these four online casino secrets and strategies takes a little more time than simply logging in and playing mindlessly like many players do, but the potential rewards are well worth the additional effort. Try these ideas for a month of two and you’ll see what happens!