Making Good DecisionsThe human mind is the most complex creation of nature. There would be times when you think you are in complete control of yourself and it turns opposite. There are numerous psychological studies which have proven that the brain does not perceive the things as you want it to. It possesses its own individual skills and this could be reflected the most in all forms of gambling.
Your decisions would hold the power to make or break your game. In addition, you must also be able to play the game with a balance of playability and analysis. The power of imagination and suggestion is of utmost importance here.

Get a Good Start

All gambling games require a good start. Develop an algorithm which would support you in times of crisis or if you are going through a losing streak. You would require some creative strategies while playing higher levels of games against difficult opponents. Have checklists in the beginning, so as to get a better hand over the game. It would increase your chances of winning if you happen to have the right strategies in place, right from the beginning.

Look Out for Opportunities

There would be several opportunities in gambling, and therefore you must play the games with an attentive mindset. Most games, including poker are psychological in nature. Hence, be focused and patient throughout the games. There are both losing and winning streaks in the games and the key is to remain calm. Do not get carried away by your emotions and place illogical bets, just because you won the last game. Also, observe the other players in the game. This would get you a better idea of where the game is headed. Such activities are highly important in order to save your bankroll during the game.

If you are looking for an easy read with sports betting as one of the primary backgrounds, check out ‘Decisions’ by Shaun Priest. ‘Decisions’ brings together the worlds of illegal gambling and multi-million dollar business transactions. Priest is able to tie this stories together with an unexpected ending.

Priest is no Ernest Hemmingway but he has quick chapters and you will like his characters ‘Fitzy’ the gambler and ‘Bunar’ the bookie. Fitzy seems to have it all high paying job, ex-jock, married with a kid, however he is compulsive gambler and that gets him tied up in the FBI and mob. Bunar is good guy but has to make tough decisions running his business.

‘Decisions’ is a page turner with Fitzy increase his illegal wagers; trying to land a big sale; not piss off his wife; and outwit the FBI. As a first time writer, there are some typos and some of the dialog is rough but overall it is a good read.

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