Bonuses and Rewards System for Online GamblingFew casual gamblers have the time and brain power to quickly develop hardcore gambling skills, such as card counting or very complex video poker analysis. However, thousands of gamers desire more than mere luck-based gambling and fun – they want to seriously try and beat the games! If you’re a casual gambler who wants a serious edge – then casual gambling systems are the only instant option – offering high reward potential and adrenalin-filled sessions – in addition to intrinsic risk!

Most simple gambling systems are designed to be used in high probability gambling situations (for example, Roulette system gambling is ideal because it allows you to bet on even money wagers or dozen bets). Check out one famous gambling strategy, the Martingale System

  • Gamble with 1 credit on an even money bet
  • If you lose, double your gamble value and re-bet on the same selection
  • Keep repeating the double-bet rule until you win
  • Quit the chain/re-start with a new 1 credit bet

Online gambling system rewards

Most online gambling systems are backed by statistics, to work efficiently and frequently. For example, most systems have a strike rate over 90%. Although most progressive gambling systems like the Martingale only payout a profit of 1 credit per successful ‘cycle’ – they work quickly, meaning successful gamblers can stack up the credits to deliver some very profitable sessions. The reason online gambling strategies work, it simply because they aim to master the odds. For instance, if you were offered a ?10 wager on correctly guessing the flip of a coin, you might consider yourself to have a fair chance (a 50:50 toss). However, if you were offered 8 flips where you only needed to win ‘1? spin to win, you’d think it was your lucky day! Essentially, that’s the concept that gambling systems aim to take advantage of, because as each wager loses, the probability of winning becomes bigger and bigger.

Online gambling system risks

As you know by now – gambling systems often have a very high probability of winning. However, unless something is 100% certain, there is always an element of risk! Furthermore, when you do hit a bad gambling system session, progressive stakes have the power to really hurt your progress – and you need to be disciplined to ensure long term success.

  • Start out playing gambling systems for free, with sign-up bonuses
  • Only gamble with money you can afford to lose
  • Skim your winnings after every session, until you are essentially gaming for free!
  • Always use a max gamble number/stop loss level (such as 6 losing wagers and quit)

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