Mistakes beginners usually make in the gameStrong players will know rules of all the variants not just the basics, they will also pace themselves, have realistic expectations in mind, and most of all be prepared for everything, having played hundreds of thousands of hands. Beginners on the other hand probably won’t have the experience to be strong players, it takes time to develop some of those skills. Professionals call it blackjack weakness, and new players easy fall under its influence, making these mistakes can lead to losing all your money. There are several reasons why a player would do this, mainly because of his lack of hours spent on the table. To be successful at blackjack you need as many hours as you can at the table, plain and simple. Try to stay calm and avoid taking advices from just about anyone, when your money is at stake, everyone else is an expert, your money your rules. Some of the most common mistakes are listed below.


This is a term commonly used to refer a player who is losing and gets emotional about it, stops thinking and ends up losing even more. Most players like this usually try to increase the bets, and try to win money back that way, more hoping and rushing then thinking, nothing in blackjack can be done fast, and even less can be done if fueled by emotions, leave your emotions someone else.

Basic blackjack strategy.

Plain and simple, this is the most important thing you need to know, it has been said many times and still needs to be said. This is the thing that will give you an advantage, you need to get those cards and learn them. Most beginners make the mistake of ignoring them and try playing by their guts. This rarely ends good for them.

Playing by the guts.

Related to the one just mentioned, this is the worst mistake you can make in blackjack, unlike a game of poker where your social skills are included, here you simply play against the odds, and if you play by hunch, you are drastically lowering the chance of winning. Don’t do this, ever.

Trying to win fast.

Also already mentioned blackjack is a game of patience and wins will come over time, do not bet big and do not try to win fast, or you will end up losing fast. Most experienced players will tell you to relax and pace yourself, give it time and wait the right cards.

Setting up a goal.

Also one of the common mistakes is players who come to the table and hope they will win forever. They won’t. A way to prevent the inevitable eventual loss of everything is to set a win limit you are aiming for. But the point is to be realistic about it, when come to that limit, have the strength to walk away.

Mistakes beginners usually make in the game.

Setting up a budget. Similar to previous one, but setting up a fixed amount that you will play with, if you lose that that’s it you’re done playing, just walk away. Don’t be one of those people who lose their budget then end up losing a lot more, trying to win the original sum back. Practice makes perfect. To be good you simply need to practice and play more, inexperienced players make mistakes. Avoid those by practicing. Online casinos are a great way to do that, because of all the rooms available.

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